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Exploring the Link Between Nutrition, Anxiety and Menstrual Patterns in Elite Rowing Athletes


Caroline Halliday*

This study delves into the intricate interplay between nutrition, anxiety and menstrual patterns among elite rowing athletes. The demands of highperformance sports can impose significant physiological and psychological stressors on athletes, potentially leading to disturbances in menstrual cycles. This research aims to understand the connections between athletes' dietary habits, anxiety levels and alterations in menstrual regularity. Through a comprehensive cross-sectional analysis, a cohort of elite female rowers was assessed for dietary intake, anxiety levels and menstrual patterns. Nutritional profiles were evaluated using dietary recall methods, anxiety was measured through validated psychometric scales and menstrual patterns were tracked over a specified period. Correlations and regression analyses were conducted to identify potential relationships among the variables.

Preliminary findings suggest a potential association between inadequate nutritional intake, heightened anxiety and irregular menstrual cycles in elite rowing athletes. The data underscores the significance of balanced nutrition in maintaining hormonal equilibrium and overall well-being. Furthermore, a bidirectional relationship appears to exist, as menstrual irregularities can contribute to increased anxiety levels, forming a feedback loop. These insights emphasize the importance of holistic athlete care, where addressing nutritional requirements and psychological stressors play a pivotal role in preserving athletes' reproductive health and optimizing performance. By elucidating the intricate web of interactions between nutrition, anxiety and menstrual patterns, this study contributes to the growing body of knowledge aimed at enhancing the health and performance of elite athletes.

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