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Review: Approach of herbal constituent in fertility regulation


Seema Devi*

Population is increasing day by day but now, it reaches to an alarming position. Various approaches have been applied in the control population. Many studies have been done on the basis of traditional system of herbal medicine. Most of the studies until are mainly based on the plant with anti-fertility activity. Now, this article is further approach in fertility control in both male and female by giving main attention on active phytoconstituent present in anti-fertility plants. In this article active constituents are discussed based on their abortifacient, anti-estrogenic, anti-spermatogenic and their anti-fertility activity based on their mechanism of action in various animal models. In this article we discussed 37 active anti-fertility constituents some of these have antifertility activity both in male and female and other only in female. Recent study on anti-fertility constituent is published with basic aim to control the population.

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