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Audience reception of “Let us save ourselves from the dangers of female genital mutilation Jigjiga FM radio program: The case of Jigjiga City administration, Fafan Zone Somali Region, Ethiopia


Mohamed Osman Abdi* and Abdifetah Abdulahi Shiek

The purpose of this study is to investigate audience’s reception of "Let Us Save Ourselves from Dangers of female genital mutilation jigjiga FM Radio program the case of jigjiga city administration Fafan zone Somali region, Ethiopia, and The study is a pure quantitative approach and quantitative questionnaire was administered by 96 respondents from two villages selected out of 20 villages First; a stratified random sampling was used in the radio listeners' villages, after which the random sampling was conducted. The study used two theories: audience reception, and use and gratification to find out how different audiences interpret the messages of radio program about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and the challenges hinder listenership. However, the study found that some factors limit radio listening in the study area. Finally, recommendations were given to fill the gap in future media production

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