Journal de la biodiversité et des espèces menacées

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Volume 9, Problème 4 (2021)

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Antarctic marine biodiversity and climate change.

Simon A Morley

Human culture and food guarantee rely on the ecosystem
services provided by historic patterns of biodiversity. We
therefore need to understand the parts that determine where
species can and cannot live, and the effect of both natural and
anthropogenic variation.

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Butterfly-flower interactions and biodiversity in the changing environments

Aluri Jacob Solomon Raju

Butterflies occupy a vital place in the ecosystem and are useful as indicators of environmental variations. Their occurrence depends on the climatic dicta, the presence of suitable caterpillar foods and suitable adult nectar sources or other food, suitable arenas for flight and courtship. They require a continuous provide of food sources, especially nectar origin from a number of plant species. In this context, floral morphological and nectar characteristics are important for visitation by butterflies. Nectar plays an important part in the nutrition of adult butterflies. Nectar is a highly enriched food resource including of carbohydrates, amino acids, lipids, antioxidants, alkaloids, proteins, vitamins, salts, etc. But, all these nutrient chemicals are not found in a single floral nectar origin and hence flower-visiting butterflies should pay visits to various floral nectars to acquire all the required nutrients.

Butterflies are broadly studied because of their key surroundings functions. For this reason, they may be utilized in surroundings assessment, formulating conservation plans and in elevating the environmental awareness. Quantification of various factors affecting range of butterflies is crucial for his or her powerful conservation. In this take a look at, we investigated abiotic and biotic elements affecting species richness and network composition of butterflies alongside an elevational gradient in Manang area, valuable Nepal. We additionally examined if butterfly species comply with the Bergmann’s rule. A general of fifty seven butterfly species belonging to 39 genera and eight households have been recorded withinside the take a look at area. Out of a complete of 127 plant species diagnosed withinside the take a look at area, most effective sixty seven plant species have been visited with the aid of using butterflies as nectar sources. Species richness of butterflies expanded with growing elevation.

Species richness become notably better in locations with shrubs in comparison to different locations and additionally in autumn than in summer. Species richness of butterflies additionally relied on composition of plant species going on on the localities. Butterfly species composition various amongst sampling localities.

It become additionally decided with the aid of using habitat type, elevation, sampling time, plant species and interactions of elevation × time. The courting among butterfly length and elevation become with inside the contrary course than anticipated consistent with the Bergmann’s rule. In conclusion, safety of butterfly range can most effective be executed with the aid of using defensive extraordinary habitats throughout the various physiography of the area and extraordinary plant species, particularly herbs and shrubs. Our consequences do now no longer help the Bergmann’s rule for butterflies alongside an elevational gradient in our area.

The butterfly interactions with the flowers of certain plant species will be detailed. Plant species which smooth foraging by butterflies show certain floral traits adapted for butterfly foraging activity and in the process both get benefited. With accelerated deforestation and changing ecology and subsequent change in the environment, the butterflies appear to be struggling to get the needed levels of quality nectar for survival during their adult life. The summer season is very crucial for butterflies since a less plants bloom during this period. The butterflies appear to be malnourished during inspect life due to lack of enough nectar sources throughout the year due to changes in land use and climate

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Studies on biodiversity of pelagic fishes of Mangalore coast, Karnataka, India

Nayana P

The current investigation was taken up to assess the status of pelagic fish biodiversity of Mangalore coast (Lat. 12°50'54"N; Long. 74°50'11"E). The data for the current study was collected from the trawlers and purse seiners operating from Mangalore fishing harbour over a period from September-2012 to April-2013 and sampling was done once in fortnight. A overall sixty nine species belonging to forty nine genera, 20 households and six orders had been recorded at some point of the take a look at period. Oil sardine contributed 26.97% of overall touchdown observed through Indian mackerel (26.30%). The own circle of relatives Carangidae contributed 21.74% of overall quantity of species, observed through Clupeidae 17.39%. Diversity indices together with Margalef s richness index, Shannon-Wiener index (H), Simpson index (λ), Hill variety quantity (N1 ) and (N2 ) and Evenness (J) had been calculated. The values of Shannon-Wiener index (H) (at log10) ranged among 1.1553 and 1.2679. The common fee recorded become 1.20, while maximum fee become recorded at some point of month of October 2012. The Simpson index (λ) ranged from 0.0650 to 0.0979, the common fee become 0.0836. Highest values for Hill variety quantity (N1 ) and (N2 ) had been recorded at some point of the month October 2012 and lowest at some point of the month of November 2012. The fee of evenness (J) ranged from 0.8134 to 0.9311. It become located to be lowest at some point of the month of October 2012 and maximum at some point of January 2013. Hierarchical cluster evaluation approach confirmed the similarity in species composition and abundance become located among the month of October and December 2012 (97.92%) and minimal inter-dating become among September and December 2012 (64.27%).

Evaluation of spatial-temporal variability of species composition and variety in oceanic ecosystems isn't smooth due to the fact it's also hard to acquire enough statistics quantifying such variability. In this study, we tested pelagic species range indicators, species richness, Shannon-Wiener index of range and Hurlbert’s species evenness, for fish assemblages from areas (north and south) withinside the North Pacific Ocean (2°–12°N, 178°E–165°W) in the course of May–July 2008. The assemblages had been primarily based totally on statistics accumulated through an onboard clinical observer in the course of a industrial longline fishing trip.

The equal sample become additionally obtrusive withinside the Non-metric Multi Dimensional Scaling plot wherein samples from Monsoon fell on one facet and people from post-monsoon and pre-monsoon on the opposite facet of the map demonstrating the near similarity with (80%) in species composition and abundance at some point of exceptional seasons. The strain fee, which become overlying at the MDS plot (0.01), confirmed an brilliant ordination of the samples collected. Studies have indicated that the Mangalore coast is one of the fundamental fishing harbours and having wealthy biodiversity; at some point of the take a look at period, there has been accurate recruitment to the fishery right now after the ban period, however the expanded recruitment did now no longer final for extra than 2 to three months; a bargain of pelagic biodiversity become located.

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The importance of domestic animal parks for the conservation of agro-biodiversity

Kai Frolich

Domestic animals are one of the maximum vital innovations of man. The unique dating among human beings and their home animals commenced approximately 15,000 BC. Domestic animals modified our international and shaped our culture. In many generations a superb variety of animal breeds evolved. This is a completely unique cultural and historic treasure, which we need to maintain for destiny generations in our park. However, Ark Warder is extra than a zoo it's miles a panorama park and moreover a studies project. Unfortunately this genetic variety, which arose out of heaps of years, is set to turn out to be extinct. Every month some other uncommon animal breed vanishes from earth. At this rate, many breeds of vintage home animal are extra endangered than a few uncommon wild species. Ark Warder, easily placed in Northern Germany, with forty hectares it's miles Europe’s biggest middle for uncommon and endangered home animal breeds. Through the park’s conservation efforts extra than two hundred animals from 86 one-of-a-kind breeds are protected. In order to halt this alarming extinction, 5 concepts manual the conservation efforts of Ark Warder:

1. Conservation thru preservation - thru this objective, treasured antique breeds are maintained and populace length is increased. 2. Conservation thru the established order of satellite tv for pc stations - with pastures dispensed out of doors the park, Ark Warder guarantees the safety of breeds towards epidemics. These satellite tv for pc pastures additionally permit us to growth the gene pool and make use of decided on animals for agricultural purposes.

3. Conservation thru education - we agree with that with the aid of using instructing the overall public the genetic variety of home animals be saved.

 4. Protection with the aid of using networking with countrywide and global establishments - In order to paintings successfully, Ark Warder desires a functioning network. 5. Protection

5. thru research - Ark Warder works in near collaboration with diverse establishments helping tasks at the physiological traits of vintage home animal breeds.

Recent Publications 1. Ballweg I C, Froelich K, Fandrey E, Kliem H and Pfaffl M (2016) Comparison of the immune competence of Turopolje, German Landrace × Turopolje, and German Landrace × Pietrain pigs after PRRSV vaccination. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 174:35–44. 2. Frölich K and Jandowsky A (2017) Die Bedeutung der Erhaltung vom Aussterben bedrohter Nutztierrassen am Beispiel der Arche Warder. Tierärztliche Praxis Großtiere 1, 33-41. 3. Ludwig A, Alderson L, Fandrey E, Lieckfeldt D, Soederlund T K and Frölich K (2013) Tracing the genetic roots of the indigenous White Park Cattle. Animal Genetics, 44:383-386. 4. Schröder O, Lieckfeldt D, Lutz W, Rudloff C, Frölich K and Ludwig A (2016) Limited hybridization among home sheep and the European mouflon in Western Germany. European Journal of Wildlife Research, 62(3):307–314. 5. Sorg D, Fandrey E, Frölich K, Meyer H H D and Kliem H (2013) The innate immune reaction of number one bovine mammary epithelial cells from the historical White Park and Highland farm animals in comparison to the cutting-edge dairy breeds Brown Swiss and Red Holstein. Animal Genetic Resources, 52:91-104.

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Educational fieldworks towards urban biodiversity preservation: Case study of Japanese gardens management of Kanazawa city, Japan

Aida Mammadova

Japanese gardens may be remember because the specific hubs to keep city biodiversity, as they offer the habitant for the numerous community of dwelling organism, facilitating to the motion of the uncommon species across the city landscape, have become the shelter for the moss and lots of endangered species. For the centuries, Japanese gardens had been taken into consideration as ecologically sustainable and properly prepared ecosystems, because of the professional maintenances and control. However, unluckily because of the depopulations and getting older in Japanese societies, gardens are getting greater abandoned, and there's an pressing want to boom the notice approximately the significance of the Japanese gardens to keep the city biodiversity.

Increasing biodiversity loss and fast urbanization are key substances of today’s international improvement pattern. At no different factor in global records has biodiversity been misplaced at such alarming rates, and neither have towns grown as large, and as quickly. Biodiversity and atmosphere offerings are the vital basis upon which humankind in the long run relies upon if you want to attain a higher fine of life. This is authentic for towns worldwide, wherein get entry to to nature is seldom adequate, whilst call for for herbal items and offerings to fulfill city life maintains to boom rapidly. Ascertaining the wonderful and terrible impacts among towns and biodiversity, and expertise the function that city nature performs in sustainability and well-being—each inside and past city boundaries—is a complicated endeavour, but a much-wished one in our time. It is widely stated that towns can make a contribution appreciably to biodiversity loss and degradation in an immediate way, through appropriating land for city improvement and converting herbal habitats (Mckinney, 2002; Sukopp, 2004; Whitford et al., 2001).

Urban improvement, characterised through a excessive percentage of impervious surfaces and a excessive ratio of constructed areas to inexperienced areas, can result in the extinction of local species and the alternative of local species with alien (non-local) species, specially alongside rural-city gradients (Mckinney, 2002; Zerbe et al., 2003). The Urban Heat Island Effect (UHI), which is evidenced through the temperature distinction among towns and their cooler surrounding environs, is an increasing number of diagnosed as a biophysical chance precise to towns which further exams city biodiversity (Landsberg, 1981; Foley, 2005; Shochat et al., 2006; Bradley and Altizer, 2007).

In this look at we've performed the participatory academic fieldtrips for 12 college students into 5 gardens included with the aid of using Kanazawa metropolis and found out approximately the renovation sports performed on the governmental, municipal, and nearby degrees. After the publications college students have observed a robust linkage among the gardens with the conventional culture. Kanazawa metropolis, for greater than four hundred years is well-known with conventional craft makings and tea ceremonies, and it changed into observed that the cultural variety of the metropolis changed into strongly supported with the aid of using the biodiversity of the gardens, and lack of the gardens could carry to the lack of the conventional culture. Using the experiential technique in the course of the fieldworks it changed into located with the aid of using the scholars that the linkage among the bio-cultural variety strongly relies upon on humans’ sports. The non-stop control and protection of the gardens are the contributing issue for the renovation of city variety. However, lawn control could be very time and capital eating process, and it changed into additionally observed that there's a huge want to draw all degrees of the society to keep the city biodiversity via the participatory urbanism.



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