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Targeted Gene Disordering in Gecko Oocytes Leads to Biallelic Genomic Alteration


Fernando Louis

The consequences of disrupting Fgf10 on additional genes and signaling pathways related to limb development are being researched. Scientists hope to gain a better understanding of the cellular procedures and molecular interactions required for proper limb formation by unraveling these complex genetic cascades. Understanding the genetic foundation of limb development is made possible through the examination of biallelic genomic mutations and Fgf10 knockout in gecko embryos. This study has implications for regenerative medicine as well as our understanding of the evolutionary significance of limb formation. Species of geckos are renowned for having remarkable regenerative abilities, including the capacity to grow new limbs. The function of Fgf10 and other genes involved in limb development will be clarified by researchers, who may then discover new methods for promoting tissue regeneration and repair.

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