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Problems of Handloom Industry-A Case Study of Guntur District


S Abdul Kalam, P C Sai Babu

From ancient times India is known as the land of opportunities and the abundant amount of natural resources one of the major reason behind this opportunities. The agriculture and handloom industry remain mean as dominant employment sectors from long time and even in the age of industrialization they retain their positions has major employment providing sectors successfully, the excessive attraction towards the industrialisation and technology are considered as major threats to the handloom industry. The handloom industry have the potential providing the employment to over 13 million weavers and this factor makes it as largest cottage industry in the country, simultaneously the employment provided by it is second largest economic activity next to agriculture. The importance given to power loom industry is creating handsome of problems in the handloom industry and it's survival in this modern era is a major question because of large number of issues it is facing such as hike in the yarn prices, lack of proper infrastructure, treating as secondary source next to power loom and many others. In India, the Guntur district, which is once known as hub of Handloom industry, is now facing the problem of lack of raw materials, marketing problem and many others, a lot of research have been carried out over the years to find out an appropriate solution to protect the handloom industry and give hope to the weavers for its survival. This article highlights the importance of handloom industry in terms of employment as well as the root-cause analysis for finding the major issues related to it which helps to regain its lost glory.

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