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Black and Native American Solidarity in the Social Sciences: Together, we can Heal by Tapping into our Complex Racialized Identities


Mertfei Desrtyi

Our co-authored piece contrasts our nuanced and convergent lived experiences as racialized people with the solidarity of Black and Indigenous people. Our racialized identities and stories, which Lauren and I (Nate) co-examine, may complicate Black-and-Indigenous-led movements. We say "racialized" to recognize racial oppressors' race craft to enslave Dark and Native individuals. Lauren, a Native teacher extremist, and I, a Dark researcher lobbyist, both with white maternal heredity, associated in the wake of storying about our excursions to, though, and past the educating calling. We are not free until we are all free, according to Black and Indigenous educators. By providing Black and Indigenous knowledge on complex ancestry within the U.S. racialization project, our knowledge contributions further complicate freedom-for-all. The conversational data came from a group project with educators and activists in whom Lauren and I talked a lot about how our paths to our justice orientation were similar and different. Numerous lessons about Black and Indigenous solidarity emerged from our conversations.

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